Active Longevity

Empathy for Patients Ignites Healthcare Innovation

As the epicenter of medical research in Haneda Innovation City, where the forefront of modern science converges, the Fujita Medical Innovation Center Tokyo takes on challenges in cancer genomics, regenerative medicine, advanced reproductive medicine, and cutting-edge rehabilitation.

Our services include 'Precision Health Check-ups, Cutting-edge Medical Care, and Active Longevity.' We continually strive to provide evidence-based healthcare which can aid in early disease diagnosis and treatment. We hope to implement novel medical technology developed through translational research at the Fujita Medical Innovation Center.

Active Longevity

Highlights of Fujita Health University Haneda Clinic

  • Our program seeks to uderstand individual disease risk from the perspective of clinical nutrition by using IT devices such as dietary record apps, as well as biomarkers such gut microbiome metagenomic analysis.
  • We provide advice on cooking, exercise, and lifestyles tailored to each individual's needs for health and longevity.
  • We provide services such as evidence-based nutritional consultations and prescription of supplements to patients who visit our center, including the Reproduction Center and the Eye Center.
Active Longevity

Medical services at Haneda Clinic

By adopting an active longevity lifestyle,
we can help transform life expectancy into a state of well-being.

Active Longevity Research Center

At the Fujita Executive Club Haneda and the Haneda Clinic Imaging Center, we offer advice on healthy longevity by providing patients with objective and visual assessments of their physical functions based on state-of-the-art medical examinations and check-ups.

Medical services at Haneda ClinicMedical services at Haneda Clinic

Detailed Medical Checkup Center

Through examinations utilizing PET-CT, upright CT, MRI, and ultrasound , we thoroughly search for early signs of diseases in every corner of the body. We also provide additional individual disease risks for those undergoing intestinal microbiome metagenomic analysis. Our goal is to support your health in the era of living to 100 without requiring care, helping you achieve a lifetime of well-being.

Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery and Research

We propose a lifetime of medical care that keeps you from being bedridden. We aim to provide medical care that allows you to walk actively without the need for a walking cane, wheelchair, and other such aids.

OfficeMotor Disoder CenterOfficeMotor Disoder Center

Reproduction Center

During fertility treatment, it is essential that both partners align their emotional state and work together in therapy, choose the most suitable treatment based on the underlying causes. In addition to traditional treatment approaches, we also incorporate cutting-edge insights based on regenerative medicine research to meet the needs of patients.

Reproduction CenterReproduction Centerン

Advanced Rehabilitation Center

Walking and balance exercises using robots are available following objective physical examinations. We have facilities including a treadmill, safety suspension, upper limb exercise robot, and an ADL (Activities of Daily Living) room with adjustable features. We are practicing advanced rehabilitation technology.

Advanced Rehabilitation CenterAdvanced Rehabilitation Center

Imaging Center

Using state-of-the-art PET/CT, head and breast PET, MRI, and CT, we not only conduct cancer screenings but also provide precise imaging of various diseases. In collaboration with Fujita Health University Hospital, we offer world-class imaging health examinations rooted in rigorous clinical research.

Eye Center

We offer the latest intraocular lens implantation for cataracts and myopia (nearsightedness). We also provide cutting-edge medical treatments for functional vision restoration in conditions that can cause blindness, such as corneal dystrophies, corneal epithelial stem cell deficiency, age-related macular degeneration, and retinitis pigmentosa.

Rejuvenation Center

Perhaps the most suitable subspecialty for the application of regenerative medicine, we perform anti-aging care for not only the skin, but the entire body. Through the combination of traditional cosmetic medicine and regenerative medicine, we propose treatment plans tailored to each patient and work together to achieve rejuvenation and health.