Advanced Medical Care

Pioneering the norms of next-generation healthcare.

At the Fujita Medical Innovation Center Tokyo, our goal is to 'pioneer the norms of next-generation healthcare.' It serves as a facility where researchers from affiliated universities and companies collaborate to conduct cutting-edge research in healthcare and related devices. Additionally, the advanced medical technologies derived from our center's research will be applied in medical services at Fujita Health University Haneda Clinic, and utilized in precision health checkups and screenings at the Fujita Executive Club Haneda.

We are committed to providing support to those who do not hesitate to invest in their health, offering next-generation medical technology and medical equipment research that meets their satisfaction.

Advanced Medicine

The Features of the Advanced Medical Research Center

  • The Fujita Health University leverages cutting-edge technologies developed in collaboration with various companies, such as rehabilitation robots and peripheral magnetic stimulation devices.
  • The center utilizes state-of-the-art measurement techniques, including precision 3D motion analysis, upright CT scans, wearable sensors, and more. These advanced medical research technologies enable the optimization of treatment based on precise assessments of physical function and activity.
Advanced Medicine

In order to provide next-generation medical technology.

Cancer Genomics Medicine

By examining cancer genomics, we enable precise diagnosis and treatment

Cutting-edge cancer testing and diagnosis performed by leading experts in the field. By genetic testing, we can make a precise diagnosis and select the most appropriate treatment for cancer. Our center conducts high-quality and evidence-based analyses in affiliation with the Fujita Health University Cancer Research Center.

Cancer Genomics MedicineCancer Genomics Medicine
Cancer Genomic Testing We examine genetic changes in cancer tissue to make diagnoses and treatment selections.
Liquid Biopsy Testing By analyzing blood samples, we conduct early cancer detection and recurrence diagnosis.
Drug Sensitivity Testing Using Organoid Culture This test involves 3D culture of cancer cells to determine which drugs are effective.
Hereditary Cancer Testing We offer consultations and counseling regarding hereditary cancers.

Regenerative Medicine

We bring you the power of cells, a phenomenon at the forefront of global healthcare.

Currently, regenerative medicine is a widely recognized and researched field of medicine worldwide. Regenerative medicine aims to regenerate lost bodily tissues and functions using various types of cells. Unlike transplant medicine, regenerative medicine involves the manipulation of cells within the body, or the use of versatile cells such as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells). Our center incorporates regenerative medicine in the fields of orthopedics, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and more, addressing the treatment of diseases and conditions that were previously difficult to manage. Treatment effectiveness can be expected in various areas.

Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery and Research We provide advanced regenerative medicine for knee cartilage, ligaments, and meniscus, aiming for pain-free, smooth movement and the ability to participate in sports (such as meniscus injuries, knee ligament injuries, and degenerative knee arthritis).
Rejuvenation Center We aim to rejuvenate the skin using autologous stem cells to provide hydrated and youthful skin.
We offer regenerative medicine to prevent and treat vision loss caused by conditions such as corneal epithelial stem cell depletion and retinal diseases.

Advanced Reproductive Medicine

Advanced reproductive medicine that caters to both of you.

Advanced Reproductive MedicineAdvanced Reproductive Medicine

The Reproduction Center provides cutting-edge ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) treatments, closely coordinating with male infertility treatments. Our services include day surgery, which involves precise and rapid diagnosis using the latest imaging techniques and same-day uterine endoscopy surgery to improve the endometrium environment. We also utilize regenerative medicine techniques to enhance implantation and ovarian reserve capacity. Additionally, we offer anti-aging measures, including evidence-based nutritional therapy for ovarian anti-aging.

Advanced Rehabilitation

Advanced rehabilitation healthcare supported by proven techniques and science.

We have collaborated with various companies to develop state-of-the-art technologies such as rehabilitation robots and peripheral magnetic stimulation devices, all aimed at providing advanced care to our patients. Our research includes precise 3D motion analysis, vertical CT scans, wearable sensors, and more, allowing us to optimize treatment based on meticulous evaluations of physical function and activity.
This forms the foundation of our Advanced Rehabilitation Center.

Advanced RehabilitationAdvanced Rehabilitation

Research lab and medical equipment showcase

The companies that have collaborated with Fujita Health University are working together on research in the field of next-generation healthcare.

At the Fujita Medical Innvoation Center, we collaborate with various companies in academia-industry partnerships to conduct cutting-edge research in healthcare and related devices, with the goal of pioneering the norms of next-generation healthcare. Additionally, in collaboration with Fujita Health University, we engage in advanced medical research and development at the Kings Skyfront, an open innovation hub located in the Tonomachi area of Kawasaki City, on the opposite bank of the Tama River from Haneda Innovation City, known for its world-class research and development.

Industry-academia collaboration companies within Fujita Medical Innovation Center Tokyo.
  • Sysmex Corporation / Medikaroid Corporation

    We have prepared an exhibition of the surgical support robot system "Hinotori™" and an opportunity for hands-on experience in the cockpit.
    We also offer a remote operation training area that connects Fujita Health University in Toyoake-city with FMiC (Fujita Medical Innovation Center) through a secure network.
    Additionally, we will showcase the latest equipment from our company and provide various training programs, as well as share the latest technological advancements.

  • Daidan Corporation

    We will introduce the "All-in-One CP Unit," a small-scale cell culture processing unit.

  • Hitachi High-Tech Corporation

    We will introduce a device for automated blood analysis.

  • Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    We are establishing a collaborative research lab focused on the social implementation of multiple clinical trials and cell manufacturing services using mesenchymal stem cells.
    We will expand the research infrastructure for mesenchymal stem cells and concurrently provide cell supply to medical facilities.

Industry-academia collaboration companies in the Tonomachi area of Kawasaki City,
Kanagawa Prefecture.
  • Central Insitute for Experimental Animals

    "Kings Skyfront had only research institutions, and there was no platform for practical application. One of Kawasaki's strong desires was to use the research results as the final touch at the Fujita Medical Innovation Center and make it a base for patient care," said Chairman Ryuta Nomura.

  • Canon Medical Systems Corporation

    We will introduce the world's first CT scanner capable of capturing images in both standing and sitting positions.

  • Fujifilm Medical Co., Ltd.

    We will introduce the AI system "REiLI" for endoscopy image diagnostics support.

  • Others

    Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Topcon Corporation, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., Kajima Corporation, and others are cooperating and joining the collaboration.