Detailed Medical Checkups / Examinations

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Evidence-Based Health Screening System
Regenerative Medicine and Genetic Diagnosis Contributing to Health and Longevity

Experience 'Active Longevity' with advanced rehabilitation, the latest nutrition dining developed at the Advanced Medical Research Center, and lifestyle improvement through IT. Offering the best solutions to customers who spare no expense on their health in a uniquely Japanese setting of hospitality and serenity. We await you at Haneda Innovation City.
We offer evidence-based comprehensive health check-ups/screenings. Cutting-edge research incorporated in your primary care. Providing our customers with well-rounded healthcare.

Detailed Medical checkups / Examinations

Features of Fujita Executive Club Haneda

  • Through examinations utilizing PET-CT, upright CT, MRI, and ultrasound , we thoroughly search for early signs of diseases in every corner of the body.
  • Intestinal microbiome analysis for prevention of disease.
  • AI-guided endoscopy for early detection of gastric and colorectal cancers.
  • Cancer genomics analysis will allow early cancer screening and recurrence detection, in addition to cancer gene panel tests to examine drug potency.
  • Painless and stress-free breast cancer screenings available with high-resolution breast PET scans, and ultrasound tests.

The precision health screening services at Fujita Executive Club Haneda aims to detect all forms of disease. Through tailored health assessments, we will accompany you on this journey to extend your healthy lifespan and aim for a lifetime without the need for nursing care.

Detailed Medical checkups / Examinations

The precision health examinations available at Fujita Executive Club Haneda

The peace of mind in knowing the state of your body through high-precision health screening


PET scans are not only useful for detecting tumors and providing information on their size, location, and grade, but also for assessing the treatment effect of cancer and detecting recurrence. PET scans are also suitable for the evaluation of myocardial infarction and are expected to contribute to Alzheimer's disease.


Upright CT

Our upright CT scanner is an innovative device capable of imaging your body in a standing position, providing a view of internal organ conditions that closely mimic everyday posture, enabling more precise diagnoses.

Examination rooms are designed with ample floor space, providing a spacious and uncluttered environment where patients can comfortably receive examinations.

upright CTupright CT
Head/Breast PET

Advancements in PET technology have taken head and breast examinations to a new stage.

PET allows for the high-precision detection of conditions such as brain tumors, epilepsy, breast cancer, and early diagnosis of cognitive disorders like Alzheimer's disease. In breast imaging mode, patients simply lie flat on their stomach and place their breast in the detector hole on the bed surface for a comfortable examination.

head/breast PEThead/breast PET
Intestinal Microbiota Metagenome Analysis

Recent evidence shows that the gut microbiome is involved in diseases that were previously considered unrelated to bacterial infections, such as cancer, diabetes, immune disorders, obesity, allergies, and skin conditions. Through bacterial metagenomic analysis, it is possible to accurately assess your health status by complementing traditional tests.

Intestinal microbiota metagenome analysisIntestinal microbiota metagenome analysis

Cancer Genomics Medicine

Cancer genome analysis enables precise diagnosis and treatment

Cancer genomics experts will conduct cancer testing and diagnosis, including cancer genome analysis, liquid biopsy testing, and drug sensitivity assessment using organoid cultures. By examining your cancer related genes, we can make precise diagnoses and offer advice on treatment options. Our Center is affiliated with Fujita Cancer Center, allowing for evidence-based examination and counceling.

Sedated Endoscopy

In collaboration with partner companies, our endoscopes have been equipped with the latest AI diagnostic tools. This endoscopy system, through AI analysis and machine learning, has achieved a high accuracy of 96.3% sensitivity and 93.7% specificity in detecting colorectal lesions.

Sedated endoscopySedated endoscopy